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An exclusive, creative selection of homemade liqueurs and vinegars. Naturally 100% organic.

100% Prasinos.



The pomegranate is considered an absolute superfood.  A very good friend of ours, has a large quantity of pomegranates on her property, which were just waiting to be harvested, which she has found no use for. Happy and with bags full of pomegranates we thought about what we could do with the fruit. As a few pomegranate seeds over a salad is an absolute pleasure, the idea to process them into a fruity vinegar was obvious. In our circle of friends, this vinegar is a must have in every salad.


On a visit to friends Richard discovered vast quantities of sage plants. Enthusiastically he dug some of them up and at home he typically asked himself what to do with so much sage. To the delight of Vanessa, who he met shortly afterwards, he decided to collect more herbs in the countryside and make a herbs liqueur and was able to convince Vanessa, who loves herbal liqueurs so much, that she had never drunk such a good liqueur. For lovers of herbal liqueurs an absolute must, Jägermeister and co. don't stink against Prasinos!



Our Lemontrees are very productive. Because of the sunny climate they are growing very big and tasty. But what to do with this amount of Lemons? The idea of producing Limoncello was born. So hours for hours we peel the skin off and put it into Tsipouro. Then we have to wait a few weks until it's finished. Everytime we think never again. But the special taste of our Limoncello leads us to do it again and agfain. Try it with an ice cube and enjoy the fresh special taste!