Born of Prasinos

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

In the search for a suitable name for our products, it was important to us to be authentic, to create something with which we can not only identify ourselves, but also make a personal reference to the beautiful land on which we live and harvest. One of the holiday homes here in the countryside has been christened "Prasino Spiti" (green house).

So we came to " Prasinos"- a descent from the Greek word "Prasino" (green). This not only reflects one of the most important features of our wide range of products; everything we produce is 100% organic; it describes our love of life in the midst of an impressively beautiful nature that brings us wonderful gifts every day. So "Prasinos" may now adorn our bottles, canisters and glasses and we can proudly say

100% organic

100% Made with love

100 % Prasinos


100% Vanessa & Richard

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