The first time in the Olivemill

The first time in the olive mill

On 25.11.2019 it was finally time. We had the minimum amount of 600kg for the mill together and drove full of excitement and joy to Panagakos mill. On arrival we were asked where our olives were, when we pointed to the post-yellow bully, we were already a little smiled at.

In the mill there was a great atmosphere and we enjoyed the time very much. At 10 o'clock it started. Our first olives ran over the belt. At this point at the latest we realized that we are now olive farmers. The excellent quality of our olives was praised several times. Another 1.5 hours waiting. It was an indescribable feeling when our first green gold came out of the machine. Of course we tasted it immediately with fresh bread. A dream, velvety soft and yet the desired spiciness. Definitely the best olive oil we have ever tasted.

We were very proud of the values:

4:1 ratio.

acidity: 0.37%

113 kg of the best extra virgin olive oil

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